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Staff retention:


Think about the journey of the employee, how can you make sure that trust is instilled from the get go? 


Interview etiquette:


Remember that your company is setting an example here. When you find staff that you would like to invite for a further interview, coordinate this so they feel secure and have all of the information they need beforehand. 


A confirmation email after they have accepted an interview/trial date including the following:


Time of arrival and shift length: what time are they expected on site? What time will they start and finish?

Location: is there another entrance for staff? Is the location tricky to find etc.

Point of contact: who should they ask for upon arrival? It can be daunting walking into a new environment. Having a designated person to greet them and show them around can help. 

Further details: If this is for a trial in a kitchen confirm whether they need to bring their own chef whites. Is there a particular running order for the day? 

E.g. “Breakfast service ends at 11am with a break between 11.30-12pm for staff breakfast.” 

Or: “we prep in the mornings for lunch service and break at 3.30pm for staff lunch.”


On the day of the interview/trial if it’s a shift on the floor or in the kitchen a five-minute introduction in the morning and a five-minute review at the end of the day shows a level of care. 


End the interview with another certainty: You will hear from us within 1 week if you were successful, thank you for your time today. 


Ok you’ve hired someone, what can you do to further strengthen a relationship before the employee starts? 


An email confirmation with the job offer, start date and a contract. Reassure the individual that you are available if they need any clarification on the role or if they have any further questions. 


If there is a long period between the offer and the start date an email in the interim can go a long way. 

Remember, you are instilling a level of trust and loyalty. ‘We are so excited for you to join us, see you on Monday.’ 


Here at Countertalk we are all about advocating staff retention.


To us, a happy healthy environment = a higher level of staff retention

A higher level of staff retention = lower rates of re training = less money being spent on training and time looking for new employees

A consistent deliverable product from staff that know what they should be doing

 = Customers who will return to an establishment that has a reliable consistent offering = a stable level of income and takings for the restaurant. 


A proper induction. 


What does a proper induction look like and why is it important? 


Put yourself in the shoes of a new employee on their first day at work. What would help you to feel secure and ready to work?


An introduction to the team. This is your new valued employee, someone who will represent your place of work. Any staff member no matter what level should be treated equally. A proper greeting and hello helps make the individual feel like they are part of something. 

Grab a 5 minute morning coffee with your staff member on their first day, either before they start or halfway through their day if you can. Check in with them and talk about what a typical day looks like working there. 


Keep up to date with us to see updates on this piece including:


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